My Name is Abhilash Sivadas, a Designer   |   Painter

web/graphic designer | Painter ,I’ve always been very receptive to visuals, be it in the form of paintings, sculptures or movies.

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Artist Biodata

Abhilash Sivadas (born 28th Jan, 1985 in Muvatupuzha, Kerala) is a Bangalore based artist, photographer and graphic designer. He has over the years acquired a style best described as magical realism with an emphasis on symbolism. Abhi’s exposure to Philosophy and Symbolism spurred his desire to look inward for subjective truths. His paintings are essentially an attempt to present his perception and understanding of social issues and philosophies in a contemporary manner. He says, ‘For me, my paintings are a way to present the truth about life, and in the process I am discovering myself through others, and others through myself. I intend only to engage the viewer’s intellect and evoke a reaction.’

In an attempt to further his style of painting, he has explored a variety of media, techniques, and subject matter through which he has managed to capture in his art, subjects from figure and landscape to nonobjective abstraction. He believes that being receptive to visuals be it in the form of painting, sculptures, music or movies has helped him present a different perspective through his art.

Abhi had his first exhibition at Chitrakala Parishad Bangalore, and is currently displaying his works in various galleries across India. He is represented by Gowri Arts in Kerala. Abhi currently works out of his studio apartment in Bangalore, where in addition to painting; he indulges in playing the violin, clicking photos, creating short films and designing.



mail : abhisiva@gmail.com
Mob : +91 9986731637